Read These Tips Before Visiting The Grand Ole Opry

Grand Ole Opry is like a religious place for the lovers of country music. That is because all of the county music legends have performed on this strange on their lives. The Opry house is know as the birthplace of country music, and it has also made it popular worldwide.

Grand ole opry is the top tourist attraction in Nashville, so, if you want to visit Nashville, and then grand ole opry, you can follow the tips mentioned below.

Backstage Tour is a Great Experience

If you want to see every book and corner if the grand ole opry including the backstage of performances, you will have to buy a backstage tour ticket. This is a guided tour in which you will be told about the great history of the hall, and how different memories of certain places are connected to it. But these tickets are limited, and they sell out pretty quickly. So, plan well in advance if you are looking to get a full tour ticket, and buy the tickets well in advance.

You can see the backstage of different performances happening live in the grand ole opry with a backstage tour ticket. There are a total of 18 dressing rooms that you will be walked through, and they usually also contain celebrities that you can interact with. The side strange can be used by the VIP tourists to see the performance on stage.

It Will Need a Bit of Travelling

Grand ole opry is not exactly in the center of Nashville, rather, it is situated at a 20 minute driving distance from the city’s center. So, you can not just walk from your hotel room directly into the Opry hall.

You can usually use the public buses to reach the destination. But as they are full when a concert is about to happen, your best choice is getting an Uber or Lyft to drop you at the required place. Additionally, see the schedule for the Opry before visiting.