Price & Info

Private Group Games –

Fields may be reserved for a private session. Private games are for those who do not wish others to play with other groups. Cost for private games are below based on group numbers. This includes admission, semi auto marker, 500 paintballs per player, mask, air/CO2, and referees assigned to your group. Group organizers must send in a Booking Fee of $20.00 for each player (10 player minimum).  The Booking Fee must be received 1 week in advance to guarantee the date and equipment.    Security boxes for storing paint are available at no additional charge.


  • 1  – 19  people $35.00 per person
  • 20 – 29 people $32.50 per person
  • 30 – 39 people $30.00 per person
  • 40 – 49 people $27.50 per person
  • 50 +     people $25.00 per person

(includes 500 rounds package pricing)

Age Requirements –

MINIMUM AGE: 10 years.  Players between the ages of 10 through 17 must be accompanied by an adult and have a parental waiver.  Parental waivers may be picked up at Adventure Park or you may print them.

Mom’s Eatery –

Mom’s Eatery offers a wide range of beverages and snacks.

Adventure Park Pro Shop –

A complete line of paintball equipment and supplies is available at the Adventure Pro Shop.  Paint guns, CO2, butt packs, ammo carriers, loaders, squeegees, goggles, gloves, bandanas, BDU’s, custom parts and much more.

Carry Out Prices –

Air/CO2 Fills

  • Air – $1.00 per 1000psi
  • CO2 – $2.50 7oz – 24oz


  • 500 paintballs $15.00
  • Case 2000 paintballs $50.00


  • One free CO2 refill with case purchase

Safety Requirements

  • No alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Intoxicated players will not be allowed
  • No pets
  • Minimum age – 10 years
  • Barrel plugs required
  • Facemasks and ear protection are required
  • Maximum velocity 280 fps
  • All guns must have approved trigger guards
  • No silencers allowed
  • Full autos or double fire triggers on special event days only
  • No Ghillie suites, excessive padding, or red shirts
  • All CO2 bottles must be in test date