Frequently Asked Questions at Nectar of Life

Buying the right organic coffee beans and preserving it require some knowledge and you should only rely on trusted business. We at Nectar of Life are always here to help you if you have any general questions related to coffee or any specific question about our product. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked question by consumer which may work as ready reference to you if you are looking for gourmet coffees.

Why buy online when I can get coffee at the store?

If you are wondering where to buy Fair Trade coffee, Nectar of Life coffee beans shade grown, organic, fair trade coffee beans that are custom roasted when you order them.  Coffee beans purchased at the store have been roasted en mass months ago, unlike our customed roasted beans.  Store bought coffee come with a pull date on the bag, but you don’t really know when they were actually roasted.  Nectar of Life custom roasted beans have a birthdate on them, so you know the day they were roasted. Coffee beans sold in the store were roasted, stored, sold, possibly put in a distribution center or warehouse and then wait for you on a store shelf.

Why do prices on Nectar of Life Coffee Beans seem higher than the coffee at the grocery store?

Nectar of Life Coffee Bean embraces the coffee purists that prefer the natural, delicate flavors of the bean and our quality may make our pricing little costlier. However, you do get an option to buy in wholesale. The larger sizes are the less expensive per ounce

Nectar of Life Organic beans cost more.  Is organic coffee really that important?

Yes.  There are lists of foods that you should always be concerned with being organic.  Some foods are not as critical as others. Non-organic coffee usually is heavily sprayed with pesticides and absorbed by the leaves on the plants.  Pesticides are poison that is used to kill living things (bugs). If you drink coffee every day, you could be getting a daily dose of pesticides.  Nutritionists have never suggested to any one the need to add more pesticides to your diet.  Most nutritionists I know will say that if you are going to drink coffee, it should be Nectar of Life organic coffee beans.

Nectar of Life Organic coffee beans may be healthier, but taste is really important to me:

In that case, I have Good news!  Nectar of Life Coffee Beans selections are delicious.  Taste is a personal choice and can be very subjective.  However, we feel our coffees would measure up and surpass most coffee being served today in your local coffee shops.  We sell organic shade grown outstanding tasting coffee.