Not all paintball fields are alike.  Ideally, paintball should be treated as a sport and as a form of outdoor entertainment to provide players with the ultimate paintball experience.  Players should not only enjoy the game but also enjoy the fields they’re playing on.

Adventure Park is the only paintball field in this area that has taken this approach.  We don’t just hand you a gun and dump you on a flat, empty field.  Adventure Park has taken great care, imagination and a little magic to create the fields our players have requested over the years.  Adventure Park’s dedication to providing our players with the “best of the best” has made our facilities the most popular field in the area.  And we plan on keeping that reputation by setting our standards “head and shoulders” above our competition, and continually adding new and exciting features to become one of the Midwest’s ultimate paintball fields.


  1. Professionally trained referees and staff.
  2. Playing fields that are complete with bunkers, towers, forts, hyperball, virtual cities, and much more.
  3. Corporate training programs.
  4. A complete pro-shop and food concession facility.
  5. Party facilities available for: company, birthday, bachelor, graduation, and general event parties.

If you’re looking for a great outing; come out and experience the ultimate in fun.  Don’t settle for just playing in the woods when you can play at our park.  Adventure Park, the standard by which all other paintball fields are measured.