Leedon Green Condominiums

Leedon Green Condominiums is located in the prime Singapore area of Southside and its main residential area is known as the Singapore Riverside. The project is an exceptional real estate development that offers gourmet lifestyle in a setting that is truly happening now in Singapore. The development includes a range of residential units, all designed to cater to a range of clientele from the young family set up looking for a convenient lifestyle to the corporate executives looking for a prestigious lifestyle. The project is fully integrated with Singapore’s lifestyle and this is evident by the fact that the apartments have open-air living areas and are fully equipped with all the latest gadgets and high-end appliances.

The main projects include secured residential lofts that offer premium serviced apartments in prime locations. The Leedon Green condos are fully furnished with fully equipped kitchens with microwave ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators. The property development has four individually owned shops situated on the ground level of the buildings. These shops offer a wide variety of locally grown products in a range of sizes including fresh vegetables, fruits, local fashion, jewellery and much more. The shops also house Leedon Green Apartments, where you can find a comprehensive collection of services ranging from cleaning to catering.

The Leedon Green developments have been developed by renowned real estate developers such as MRDC Asia Pacific, Corel Corporation Limited, CIM Investments and Singapore Technologies, Ltd. This real estate development is fully integrated with the modern lifestyle of Singapore whereby the residents have easy access to the shopping areas, the night life centres and the restaurants. In addition, the residents have easy access to a range of amenities such as hospitals and clinics, educational institutions and other facilities that make it a better lifestyle for the residents. Through the Leedon project, the developers aim at giving residents a more affluent way of living.

The project also involves a number of features which are aimed at ensuring that the residents have a better way of living. A residents’ community club is launched, for example, through which residents can be easily contacted and they get to know about different programs and initiatives that are planned for them. Leedon Green also offers residents the opportunity to come up with their own ideas and suggestions and this initiative helps the future residents to build their confidence. In fact, this is one of the reasons why many overseas investors are interested in investing in the properties being developed by these real estate giants.

If you are a resident looking for an ideal lifestyle where you can enjoy great food, shop till you drop and even play sports, Leedon Green is the perfect place for you. This community is home to several shopping centres such as Big Bazaar, JW Marriott and Big Idea. Residents enjoy easy access to the major roads and they get to enjoy a good quality and affordable services. Leedon Green is also home to various restaurants and bars, so that residents can satisfy their taste buds and get quality dining experience every time.

Leedon Green development across Nanjing and Shanghai is also one of the best choices for real estate investments. There are numerous projects such as Big Bazaar, JW Marriott and Big Idea which are attracting investment from global players. However, the real estate market in Singapore is becoming more aggressive in terms of property investment and real estates across the country are enjoying good appreciation value. Apart from residential properties, shopping centres, commercial spaces and infrastructures, real estate developers are coming up with more attractive projects all around the country. Therefore, investing in real estate has never been this lucrative for both national and private sector.